Team #1 batting average...Homerun, RBI, hit, and score. Personal title fight at home

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    The Kiwoom Heroes, which boast the KBO league's best batting sense, are engaging in family fights in individual title categories, including home runs and RBIs.

    Kiwoom won the game against the 2019 Shinhan Bank's Micah KBO League Kia Tigers at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on Tuesday, focusing on his long and long 16 hits to win the 13-3 championship.

    It was a game in which the power of batters, which is the strength of Kiwoom, was properly revealed. Five batters have written multi-hits (more than two hits in a game) and four hits by Lee Jung-hoo and three by Jerry Sands have led the team to victory.

    With the victory, Kiwoom won 80 games (one draw and 53 losses) for the second time this season after the SK Wyverns. It also lost three games in a row to eliminate a two-game losing streak against the Doosan Bears.

    Kiwoom, who was considered one of the "three strongest teams" along with the SK Wyverns and the Doosan Bears earlier in the season, has been battling for the top spot with the power of hitting. Kiwoom's team batting average is 0.285, ranking first among 10 clubs.

    As he has strong batting skills, it is easy to find the names of Kiwoom hitters in the individual title category as well-known individual titles. In particular, in the home runs, RBIs and runs scored categories, the top of the ranking table has all been raised, engaging in fierce family fights.
    At the center of it is Sands. The Lions are competing for the lead in various records, taking second place in scoring (98), second place in home runs (28), and first place in RBIs (110). He appeared to have slowed down in September, but hit three hits including his 28th home run of the season in a game on Tuesday, signaling a rebound.

    No. 4 hitter Park Byung-ho is the one who made the milestone of 30 home runs for the second straight six years on Thursday. Park Byung-ho, who set a KBO 안전놀이터 league record following Lee Seung-yeop (retirement), launched his 31st homer of the season in a game on Tuesday, solidifying his position as the home run leader.

    Park Byung-ho, who is ranking third in scoring (88) and third in RBIs (94), will be able to reach the 100 RBIs mark for the first time in six consecutive years if he adds only six RBIs.

    Kim Ha-sung's performance is also notable. Kim Ha-sung is competing with Sands and Park Byung-ho for titles, ranking second in RBIs (99) and top in runs scored (105).

    Amid a family fight in RBIs, home runs and runs scored, Lee leads the pack with 180 hits. Lee Jung-hoo, who added four hits in Tuesday's game, widened his gap with Jose Fernandez, the runner-up in the category with 175 hits.

    With Mel Rojas Jr. of the KT Wiz in third place with 155 hits and Lee Chun-woong of the LG Twins in fourth place with 155, Kim Ha-sung and Sands are hitting 154 hits apiece.

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