LG's first ever "Report player entry test" that failed to prevent the rain from falling

    By gfgdg

    The sudden raindrop could not stop the passion of the players who dream of becoming "second Kim Hyun-soo and Chae Eun-sung."

    The LG Twins' first-ever "Report player entry test" will be held on Tuesday regardless of the rain. There are no major difficulties in having an indoor stadium inside.

    LG will hold a tryout for a total of 80 players, including 74 college graduates and six players from the independent team, at the Icheon Champions Park in Gyeonggi Province on Tuesday.

    The joining test, organized by the LG club for aspiring professional baseball players in crisis due to their failure to win the nomination of a professional club, is the first special showcase to be tried in Korea.

    Through the joining test, LG put its meaning in providing another chance to the student players on the verge of their dreams being thwarted and at the same time conveying hope to the Korean college baseball team, which is on the verge of collapse.

    On top of that, the team is also hoping to strengthen its team's strength by finding hidden stones that have not been found before.

    However, the bad weather was a variable. Cloudy weather in the Seoul metropolitan area began in the morning, but heavy rain fell from 8 a.m. before the entrance test began.

    However, Rain is now in a lull and above all, LG Icheon Champions Park is equipped with an indoor training center, making it easy to conduct tests.

    "We are aware of the rain forecast. 토토사이트추천Since there is an indoor training center, we will carry out the test as normal," he said.

    Applicants flocked to Icheon from early morning. Each university received up to four applicants, and an independent team also invited some applicants.

    The entry test is expected to be held from morning until late afternoon.

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