Injured foreigner...Ho Ying, who devoted himself to Hanwha

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    Although his performance has dropped noticeably compared to last year, the prospects for a renewed contract are not bad. In the first half, he needed time to adjust to the ball as other hitters in the league did, and depending on the team's situation, he had difficulty as a center fielder who was not used to it. Hoying has found his batting pace since July and has been on the verge of 20 home runs and 20 steals for the second straight year (18 homers and 22 steals).

    When public opinion arose that Ho Ying should be replaced in the first half, a Hanwha official said, "There is no guarantee that we will save a foreign player who is just Ho Ying-man.먹튀검증 There are no substitute players in defense and main base," he said. The two foreign pitchers Chad Bell and Warwick Suffold and Chemistry, who are considered successful recruits, cannot be ignored. Bell is a player recommended by Hoying himself to the club.

    Instead of returning to the U.S., Hoying is expected to stay in South Korea to treat him at the same time and finish this season with his "Hoying is our player," Han said.

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